Do you need sunscreen on an airplane?

Reports show that UVA rays can penetrate the window glass when flying at altitude. Should you be protecting your eyes? Are you aware of the risk your eyes are exposed to flying at 30,000ft? Dermatologist Mark Glashofer has reported that UVA rays can penetrate the window glass and burn skin and eyes whilst travelling. It is recommended […]

National Eye Health Week

September 21st to 27th 2015 sees many organisations, eye-care charities and health professionals in the UK working together to promote the sixth National Eye Health Week. This week aims to inform people from all walks of life about the importance of taking care of their eyes and making sure they have regular sight tests. Although […]

Occles Launch on The Grommet

Today sees the launch of Occles eyewear on The Grommet, an online marketplace and promotions platform for new and innovative products.   The Grommet helps to launch and promote a huge number of products, particularly to the American market, and they have a substantial and loyal following through their website and social media presence. The […]

Fighting the Ageing Process

Protect your eyes We all seem to be obsessed with ageing these days, and not in a good way. Celebrities lead the way with suspiciously smooth and youthful-looking skin, often only betrayed by a less-than-youthful neck. Many of them desperately deny having had any ‘work’ done, but photographs are pored over by experts who know […]

The Importance of Regular Eye Checks

Look After Your Eyes Most of us don’t even think twice about booking ourselves in for regular dental checks. Yet the vast majority of us never even consider having our eyesight checked. And yet we can continue to function perfectly easily without our natural teeth thanks to bridges, crowns, dentures and implants. Unfortunately the same […]

Alternative Therapies

The Power of ‘Dark Meditation’ Whether you are an ardent believer in alternative therapies or think the very idea is a load of old baloney, one fact that remains undisputed is that meditation is good for the human body, mind and spirit. From the Christian tradition of ‘quiet contemplation’ in prayer, to the marathon meditation […]

The Power of an Afternoon Nap

What do Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton, Napoleon and Johannes Brahms have in common? Apart from all being exceptionally high achievers, they were also great believers in the restorative powers of an afternoon nap. In fact, Winston Churchill was such a fan of the habit that he was responsible for first coining […]