Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we have been asked by our customers. If you have a question and don’t see the answer here, please use our contact form to ask us.

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Will the rubber eye-seals degrade from constant exposure to sunlight and need replacing?
We recommend washing the eyeseals with freshwater after beach use to ensure suntan lotion and salt are removed.

Will the rubber eye-seal irritate my skin
The material has been chosen for its hypoallergenic property, selected to be worn by sensitive skin wearers. Please be mindful of any allergic reactions you have personally.

Do they mash your eyelashes. I fly all the time and need my solitude from the plane ambience.
Many users with long eyelashes have told us under extensive testing they do not mash their lashes. This was an important feature for us in design.

My sister has a hard time sleeping if there is any light coming in her room, and I’m wondering if these would be good for her as the blackout curtains she has do not quite do the job.
Occles provide total blackout required to initiate the state of sleep. Occles are specifically designed for travel and shorter periods of sleep whereby you will not be using big soft pillows or moving frequently in your comfy bed all night. Works great on loungers and overnight flights.

I sleep on my side. Will move, gap or dig into my skin?
What’s great is they really don’t. They are snug enough to stay put without really being an issue when sleeping on your side. You’ll certainly feel them, but they’re not uncomfortable, recommended for travel and overnight flights where large soft pillows are not provided. Not recommend for restless sleepers

Do they fold up for travel?
The dual neckband allows you to wear them around your neck for travel when not in use and ready for quick access to wear. Alternatively, they are robust to be thrown in to a bag or pocket, the flexible materials allow them to return to their original shape.

Seems that they would be very hot to wear around my eyes in the sun/ beach. What have people said about this?
Surprisingly this is not a problem. As Occles are only worn for moderate periods of time to rest and sunbathe they do not create heat around the eyes. you also have the opportunity to apply a cooling eye gel to the periorbital skin area which we know is great for moisturizing that soft delicate skin. You can try this and it seals in the cooling effect which is just fabulous

Wearing these sunbathing…do you end up with a funny tan because of them?
Occles are an aid to anti-ageing your skin and eyes. No raccoon eyes or ‘panda eyes’. The eyeseals were designed to be as small as possible to ensure light blocking and eye protection.  As we know the skin area known as the periorbital area around the eyes is ten times thinner than other skin and needs protected from the damage of UV light to prevent premature crow’s feet and ageing brown spots. Occles are an aid to anti-age your eyes, keeping them youthful, the eyes tell a lot about our health and this skin is essential to be protected.

Will Occles block out light and help with migraines?
We have migraine sufferers tell us that Occles are the best thing ever for helping with blocking out light. We are so pleased to hear that our idea has so many uses and of benefit to so many people.

Do the Occles shift out of place during sleep? I am a restless sleeper so if I wear an eye mask, the eye mask will shift/move out of place when I move my head frequently.
This depends where you are wearing them  if you are in an upright or 45° position there should be no issue, such as a lounger or airplane seat. The ratchets on the side arms allow a secure fit for a range of head sizes, you can have them as tight as you like however I do not recommend for restless sleepers in bed at home all night.

Will Occles press down on my sinuses, affecting my breathing?
No is the short answer. They have an ergonomic design with no weight on the nose restricting breathing or causing any discomfort to sinuses.

They have been reviewed by many as feeling like they are feel a bit like they are floating over the orbital bones while covering the eyes and blocking all light! (Long answer!)

Do Occles provide the required amount of protection for use in a tanning bed?
Occles are designed and tested to block all light including the full spectrum of all UV light.  Tanning bed products have to be tested to a very stringent level of protection over and above the purpose and uses of Occles therefore we do not promote for tanning beds.

Where are these manufactured?
Our production is in Edinburgh, Scotland. All design work was done here too.

Will my eyes get hot and sweaty, I have hayfever and like to lie in the garden
Occles eyeseals are designed to allow air in and let your eyes breath without compromising light pollution. The eyeseal will cocoon your eyes and block pollen. We have had users share with us and reviews published on their use for hayfever sufferers to wear in the garden.