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Read our sleep mask reviews to see how Occles can benefit you! We are confident that you will love owning Occles. Don’t take our word for it though, please take the time to read reviews of Occles eyeshades from the people who know best – our customers!

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 32 reviews
by Occles Lover on Occles Eyeshades
Best thing since sliced bread!!

I wanted to try Occles as soon as I saw them online. Once they arrived (promptly) it was immediately obvious that they would be brilliant for the beach and for long-haul flights, but I doubted that I would be able to sleep comfortably with them, as I sleep on my side. Needn’t have worried – Occles are the best thing since sliced bread if you value complete darkness for sleeping or just want to give your eyes a relaxing holiday. I use them on the beach, sleeping every night, on planes, trains etc. Ideal for night shift workers. I wonder if the design has changed since the 2015 review complaining about them needing lots of adjustment. It only takes a second or so to slide them to the right size, then they stay like that until you change it. On planes or travelling, when not in use they can be left around your neck comfortably so they don’t get lost or broken. Mine survived long haul flights, being stuffed into my hand luggage, a month on a beach… Not only is the product wonderful but Occles get top marks for customer service also. I love my Occles!!

by Darren on Occles Eyeshades

i thought these looked like something out of a science fiction movie at first, but when i tried them on i was really pleased with the comfort and the way they allowed all light to be blocked out.certainly gave me a feeling of relaxation. 🙂

by Jim LaBuda on Occles Eyeshades
Sound Sleep

As a travel journalist, I travel many miles. I normally am unable to sleep on a plane. However, on a recent transatlantic flight I tried a pair of Occles and slept for over 5 hours. They blocked 100% of the light, were comfortable, and they definitely helped me sleep. They are great for the plane, a nap, or even the beach. Love them!

by Daz the cat on Occles Eyeshades
total blackout anywhere

ok let me just say-i don't normally bother writing reviews. these Occles are something else though.
i got them for a trip to Australia and boy i'm glad i did.
when you first put them on you need to adjust them a bit and they will sit just fine over your eyes. the feeling of opening your eyes and being in the dark is fantastic and every time i wanted a nap during my long journey i found it easy to get a nap for even a short time wearing these. well done guys-i don think i even had jet-lag when i got to Oz.

by Carol on Occles Eyeshades
It really works

Be sure to wear the product with the back loop down towards your neck and not up. It does not come with directions and I wore it the incorrect way the first night. That was not comfortable. Since then I am wearing it the correct way and it is quite comfortable. It really is light blocking. I wear it at night to block the light from my husbands nightstand lamp. It works.

by Bridget on Occles Eyeshades

Shuts out all light, no weight or mark on nose! Would order again.

by Denise on Occles Eyeshades
Best ever light blocker

For years, I tried to find ways to block the sun from waking me up. Voila: Occles. They work great. They fit. They're comfortable. Sleep on your side or your back. Doesn't matter. Sleep sleep, sleep!!!

by James on Occles Eyeshades
Sleep Aid

I bought these hoping I could wear them for sleeping. I am a side sleeper and they work just 'ok' for the purpose. They are perfect for the uses advertised but not for my purpose. If you are a back sleeper, they will be fine.

by Linda on Occles Eyeshades
For more than just sleep and sun

I had ordered a set of occles last summer to use to sleep when flying. Liked them so much that when a dear friend who suffers from epilepsy and ocular migraines said he could no longer go out at night with his wife due to the various lights flashing by as his wife drove. Even with an eye mask there was too much light flicker. So I presented him with a pair of occles and he was so grateful. Now he can go out with his wife and ride in comfort.

by Heather on Occles Eyeshades
Comfortable Sun blockers

I initially bought these for my father but had to try them out first. They were very comfortable and blocked out the sun completely. They're adjustable and very lightweight. I'd buy them for myself!

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