Travel Eye Mask

Travel Eye Mask

These stylish Travel Eye Shades block out 100% of the light. Now you can travel in comfort.

man and woman wearing Occles travel eye mask on a flight

Occles provide a blackout from your external environment, allowing you to effectively block out light and get some much-needed rest.

So, whether you’re on a red-eye flight, a long-distance train or lying on a beach, Occles will help you minimise external distractions.

Our unique, patented design is slimline and stylish. Occles are styled to look similar to small sunglasses. Soft rubber eye pieces and a bridge-less design provide you with total comfort. 100% of external light is blacked out so there is nothing to distract you as you relax into your journey.

Occles can be a benefit for travellers, night shift workers, sun worshipers, over worked and fatigued eyes, migraine sufferers and may even help hay fever sufferers enjoy sitting out in the garden.

Occles will help you block out the outside world allowing you to relax, or help you drift off to sleep.

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